Toddler in Ambon dies after being denied admission by four hospitals

Toddler in Ambon dies after being denied admission by four hospitals

Terbaiknews - Medical workers carry out a swab test on a patient under monitoring (PDP) in Tarakan General Hospital in TarakanNorth Kalimantan on April 28. (Antara/Fachrurrozi)

A 4-year-old child from Wara Kolam Sembilan hamlet in Ambon, Maluku, died on Thursday after being denied admission by four hospitals in Ambon that were full with patients as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The toddler, identified as Rafadan, was previously treated at Haulussy General Hospital for aplastic anemia, an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body stops producing a sufficient number of new blood cells.

Rafadan’s father, Basoni, explained that he had already taken his son to four different hospitals on Wednesday. The first one was Al Fatah Hospital, where he was advised to have Rafadan take a rapid test outside of the hospital before seeking treatment at the hospital.

“The hospital does not have any rapid test kits, so the patient should take a rapid test outside of this hospital before receiving treatment here,” Basoni said on Thursday, recalling the words of the hospital staff.

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Basoni then proceeded to take his son to Bhakti Rahayu Hospital, which was closed at that time. He later took his son to Sumber Hidup Hospital, where Rafadan was met with another rejection because the hospital was being sterilized after the death of a COVID-19 patient.

He then took his son back to Haulussy General Hospital. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrived at the hospital, he learned that the hospital was closed for 14 days after 25 of its medical workers tested positive for COVID-19.

The family planned to bring him to Bhayangkara Hospital on Thursday, but he passed away on the way there. Rafadan was laid to rest in a public cemetery in Warasia hamlet, Batu Merah village.

Rafadan was not the only person in Ambon to die because of a lack of medical support due to the ongoing pandemic. Previously, two other residents reportedly died en route to a hospital after having been rejected from other hospitals. (dpk)

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