Govt strives to provide real-time data updates on national COVID-19 website

Govt strives to provide real-time data updates on national COVID-19 website

Terbaiknews - COVID-19 task force spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito. (BNPB/-)

In the absence of a daily press briefing on the COVID-19 situation, the government is uploading the latest COVID-19 data on at 4 p.m. western Indonesia time (WIB) every day, with the hope of providing real-time data in the future.

The web page could not be displayed because of an error in the web server at around 4 p.m. on Friday. However, according to data obtained by The Jakarta Post from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), Indonesia saw 1,761 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the total infections nationwide to 95,418.

The data also showed 85 more people had died and 1,781 had recovered from the disease, increasing the total deaths and recoveries to 4,665 and 53,945, respectively.

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National COVID-19 task force spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito said the rapidity of data updates depended on the Health Ministry, which verified all incoming data from across the country. He also hoped that in the future, the public could access the data in real-time.

“We are trying our best so that the data can be accessed by the public in real-time and with no disparity between the national and regional data,” he said in a press briefing on Friday.

Wiku added that the government did not intend to cover up data by omitting the daily live broadcast on COVID-19 updates. “There is no such intention. Let’s encourage data transparency, the public is welcome to watch over us and report if there is any inconsistency between the data and the real situation,” he said.

On Tuesday, Wiku officially replaced Achmad Yurianto as the nation’s COVID-19 spokesperson, charged with delivering COVID-19 related updates to the country.